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Functional Medicine FAQs

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Functional medicine offers those wanting an alternative to conventional medicine a holistic, biology-based, personalized method to provide healthcare. This alternative medical option provides those with chronic illnesses methods to help treat the root causes of their illness. In addition, each medical treatment option allows providing an individualized wellness plan for each patient. The chiropractic staff at Superior Healthcare specializes in functional and wellness medicine for those in Metairie, LA.

What Is Chiropractic Care and Functional Medicine?

Chiropractic care and functional medicine offer patients who are looking for a unique treatment plan customized to their health needs. A chiropractor from our practice can help diagnose and treat the root causes of chronic illnesses and pain. Treatment focuses on the entire person as a whole and not just the individual ailment. Essentially, chiropractic care and functional medicine offer an alternative, holistic treatment option instead of traditional medicine techniques.

Why Should I Choose Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine differs from conventional medicine in many ways. Some benefits to choosing functional medicine over traditional medicine include:

  • Health-oriented: Treatment focuses on whole-body health to prevent and solve health concerns.
  • Patient-centered: The patient is the most important person in the room, and the goal is to treat their ailments, providing them a healthier life.
  • Treats underlying causes of diseases and illnesses: Treatment looks for the root causes of diseases and illnesses to develop a plan to treat all symptoms and discover the actual cause of the health condition.
  • Biochemically individual: Functional medicine recognizes that every person is different, and so are the nutritional needs for each person.

What Is a Preventative Approach?

A preventative approach treatment addresses the overall health and well-being, including exercise, stress relief, hormone imbalances, and nutrition.

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