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Regenertative Medicine for Treating Osteoarthritis

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Superior Healthcare LLC is committed to providing patients in and around the Metairie area regenerative medicine. This treatment is focused on offering efficient medical care to individuals suffering from pain and discomfort. Our well-experienced chiropractors use regenerative medicine to help treat osteoarthritis.

Understanding Osteoarthritis and Knee pain

Around fifty million Americans cannot perform simple activities such as playing sports, going on walks, or even opening jars due to osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a very common illness that occurs due to wear and tear and aging in the joints. If your cartilage wears away and breaks down, it causes your bones to rub against each other leading to stiffness and swelling around the joint. The muscles and ligaments become stiffer and weaker around the joint.

Regenerative Medicine for Osteoarthritis

We offer regenerative medicine treatment options like stem cell therapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma for osteoarthritis. We recommend these methods since they are the best alternative to knee replacement or surgery. The injections not only lubricate the joints, but regenerative medicine also dynamically alters the area of the joint disorder and helps your knee pain or joint problems heal gradually.

Functional Medicine Therapies

Our well experienced Metairie chiropractors will assist you with various stem cell-based therapies, including:

Stem Cell Insertion

Here our chiropractor Metairie harvest your damaged cells, purifies them, and inserts them into your joint, which heals slowly.

Anti-Inflammatory Injections

We offer chiropractic medicine that is injected to heal the disorder.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Our chiropractors first take your blood sample and separate it into white and red blood cells, plasma and platelets. They take your plasma and mix it with platelets, then inject it into your injured tissue. The white blood cells get in quickly and drive away from the damaged cells. This

Contact Us for Functional Medicine from Our Chiropractors in Metairie, LA

At Superior Health Care LLC, we have highly qualified professionals who offer regenerative medicine to patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Our team is committed to providing patients the health care they need to achieve optimal wellness. Visit our website or call us at (504) 835-0565 to learn more about how we can help you live pain-free.