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Wellness Medicine FAQs

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Wellness Medicine FAQs

At Superior Healthcare in Metairie, we offer wellness medicine. Our chiropractors offer a variety of functional medicine treatments to improve the quality of life for our patients. We can identify a variety of conditions and provide treatments to address the root causes. We provide quality holistic and chiropractic services. We can help with your pain management as well as any health conditions that are affecting your ability to enjoy life. We have gathered a few frequently asked questions that will explain a bit more about the services that we offer.

What Is Wellness Medicine?

The World Health Organization defines health as optimal well-being, not just the absence of pain or illness. Wellness practitioners treat the entire person. That includes your physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The entire person is more than the parts, it is the whole. Wellness medicine combines conventional medicine integrated with holistic and chiropractic healthcare to create a comprehensive wellness program.

How Will I Be Treated?

Treatment plans vary from patient to patient and are based on a thorough examination and any symptoms that are present. We begin by looking for the root cause of your condition. We want to have a relationship with you so we can understand all of the aspects that are part of your condition. We won’t simply throw medication at the problem and we are not looking for a quick cure.

Getting to know you and your lifestyle allows us to determine what changes we may recommend that can help. Food sensitivities can be the root of many health problems. We also have a variety of treatments that can help with chronic pain.

What Does Superior Healthcare Offer?

Our two chiropractors and our APRN offer a variety of integrated services from functional medicine to physical therapy. No matter what type of chronic condition you are suffering from we can work with you to improve the quality of your life. Your treatment plan will be customized to meet your specific health goals.

Contact Superior Healthcare in Metairie, LA

You don’t have to rely on pain medication to find the relief you need. We are here to help! If you live in or around Metairie and would like to schedule an appointment at Superior Healthcare, call us today at (504) 835-0565.