Chronic Pain Treatment

Superior Healthcare of Metairie is dedicated to providing the most effective and highest quality treatments and techniques for managing chronic pain. We emphasize treatment plans that improve flexibility, increase muscular strength, and elevate cardiovascular endurance levels. Furthermore, our clinic houses an on-site exercise facility where our team of rehabilitation specialists works with clients to develop individualized recovery programs.

Below we discuss some of the services that Superior Healthcare offers. For more information about our wellness center and chronic pain management programs, please give us a call today!

Spinal Therapy For Back Pain

Your spine is one of the most critical structures in your body in supporting full functionality of motion and mobility, but when it gets injured, it can be difficult to return to your former state of health. At Superior Healthcare, our medical doctors and clinical specialists work together to provide patients with the spinal therapy for back pain that best suits their individual needs.

Our specialized treatments for back pain include but are not limited to:

  • Disc rehydration: reversal of disc dehydration reduces risk of future degeneration
  • Non-surgical spinal decompression: treats pain, inflammation, and degenerative disc disease
  • Disc Rehabilitation: mitigates symptoms of more advanced cases of degenerative disc disease
  • Myofascial release: removes muscular tension, soreness, and knots
  • Joint mobilization: enhances natural movement of joints and stimulates flow of nutrients to synovial fluids
  • Electric Muscle Stimulation: induces muscular contraction to stimulate blood flow and facilitate tissue repair and recovery


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Cardiovascular Training for Endurance

Heart health is important for everyone, regardless of their personal medical history, but the necessity of maintaining and training cardiovascular endurance becomes especially crucial for individuals who have had a past cardiac event. Whether you have undergone open-heart surgery, have high blood pressure, or have experienced a heart attack, your overall health can be vastly improved with our cardiovascular training methods at Superior Healthcare.

Our treatment methods for cardiac health are better than many other healthcare providers because of our holistic approach. We don’t simply tell you to engage in more physical activity and leave you on your own; instead, we work with you to develop a sustainable cardiovascular endurance program that not only provides exercise counseling and coaching, but also includes a comprehensive education on how to live in heart-healthy ways. We even help clients hone their stress management skills to decrease the likelihood of a future cardiac condition.

Strength Training for Overall Wellness

Those with a chronic disease that impacts muscle mass and strength — including cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy — can improve their balance, fortify their bone structure, and increase overall lean body mass. That being said, strength training is beneficial for everyone, regardless of their health status, and you certainly don’t need to be a bodybuilder or a serious athlete to capitalize on its advantages. Superior Healthcare’s professional trainers and exercise counselors have the knowledge and the dedication to get you the results you need, whether it’s a stronger core, better posture, greater stability, a faster metabolism, or a lower body weight. We also provide home exercise programs for your convenience!

Range of Motion (ROM) Therapy

One of the primary contributors to joint pain, muscle stiffness, and tissue inflammation is a deficiency in one’s range of motion. Following an injury or an illness, these ROM levels can drop more significantly, making it difficult to execute daily movements like reaching overhead or bending down. Even chronic and progressive neuromuscular diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and osteoarthritis can find their symptoms minimized with the integration of ROM therapy into their pain management healthcare plan.

Neuromuscular Re-Education

A stroke, serious injury, or severe illness can leave you with less control over your motor functions than you once had. Although this can be a daunting and frustrating ability to relearn and retrain, the chronic pain specialists and medical doctors at Superior Healthcare will be there to help you every step of the way.

By implementing effective physical therapy tactics, we teach patients how to use their nerves and muscles together until they function as optimally as they did in the past. With the right team of experienced clinicians and exercise therapists on your side, recovery from neuromuscular conditions and impairments becomes immensely more manageable.

Superior Healthcare provides the Metairie, LA, area with physical and functional medicine services, as well as weight loss programming and non-invasive laser liposuction. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our healthcare professionals, please contact us today!