Laser Lipo FAQs

Laser lipo treatment is useful if there are areas on your body you would like to reshape. It comes with much less pain than getting lipo surgery, and it has a faster recovery period. At Superior Healthcare Integrative Medicine, we have shared the benefits of laser lipo with residents of Metairie, LA, for many years. Following are the answers to several questions we frequently receive regarding laser lipo.

What is laser lipo?

With non-invasive lipo, you get a quick procedure that has an equally quick recovery time. Laser lipo can be done in half an hour, and you can then get back to your day. You might have a little soreness or redness, but you won’t need much time to recover from it.

How is laser lipo performed?

When our chiropractor performs this non-invasive procedure, they will use paddle-shaped applicators on the area that will be treated. We will generate the heat that causes the changes in fat storage. The heat that is generated will pass through the skin and heat the fat cells beneath it. This causes the cell membranes to become damaged. After these damaged cells die, your body will reabsorb them.

After you have this laser therapy, it generally takes a few weeks for the whole process to be completed so that you can see the difference. It generally results in a big difference in the way the area looks. For some people, there may be multiple applications of this laser therapy needed. People generally have their stomachs treated or their back, thighs, and flanks.

What are some benefits of this laser treatment?

The result of this therapy is the same as if you had surgical lipo done but without all of the time needed for surgery and recovery. It’s far easier to recover, and there aren’t the risks that come with surgery. This procedure also tightens the skin, and the skin will start to make more collagen. You won’t have the sagging skin that comes with surgical lipo.

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